Intel teams with MediaTek to create 5G modems for PCs

The 2 business are anticipating to see the very first fruits of their operate in early 2021. They’re also working with Fibocom to produce M. 2 (the format frequently used for SSDs) 5G modules customized for Intel-based systems.

The partnership isn’t unexpected when both sides have a vested interest in promoting 5G. While Intel is no longer in the phone modem company, it knows 5G could be vital to PCs moving forward– and naturally, PCs remain central to the company’s strategies. This guarantees that it has a 5G alternative without having to commit vast resources. For MediaTek, this is more about broadening its aspirations. The business is already bought 5G for phones, however the alliance provides it a major footprint in the PC world.

There’s definitely pressure for both sides to act. Qualcomm has been teasing 5G laptops using its own chips. They’re not ready for prime time, it may not be long before you can get a Snapdragon-powered maker with cellular data that equals faster home internet gain access to. If Intel and MediaTek didn’t team up, they risked ceding ground to a mutual rival.