Uber has to pay New Jersey nearly $650 million in employment taxes

New Jersey gave Uber a $54 million bill back in 2015, but it’s not specific if the company ever paid that.

Not surprisingly, Uber is contesting the expense. It informed Engadget it was “challenging this incorrect but initial decision,” insisting that motorists are “independent contractors.” The company thinks the expense overstate its organisation in the state and that the procedure is still early. Uber has formerly claimed that dealing with motorists as employees would limit their versatility to work when they like, but critics have actually argued that this lets Uber prevent minimum wage and other labor warranties.

Uber might face an uphill fight, however. Like other states, New Jersey has a test to figure out if individuals are professionals, and it believes they are– it doesn’t purchase Uber’s claim that the ridesharing platform, not transport, is its primary company. Long as the state maintains that view, it’ll continue to require back taxes and may take legal action if Uber still refuses to pay.