All the Different Ways You Can Silence Stupid People on Facebook

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They say that the first action is constantly the hardest part of any job, and that couldn't be more real when you're dealing with somebody who opposes your political/social/moral views on Facebook. Data-poster-src="" data-anim-src=””data-cropped=”incorrect”class=” dv4r5q-1 hEuYft”> I do kind of desire those shoes. Tap on the triple-dot icon on one of their posts in your News Feed and select the Snooze option, which basically unfollows them for a 30-day duration. Select that, and you’ll untag yourself in anything you’ve been tagged in together, untag yourself in any of your opponent’s posts, and Facebook will eliminate anything you’ve posted on each other’s timelines. Unblocking a person comes with 2 cautions.