The Best Apps to Use When Your Teen Starts Driving

I have actually blended feelings about tracking our son so closely. My moms and dads most certainly didn’t know my every relocation in high school and college and I have some pretty impressive memories with my friends since of it. I do not desire our child to seem like we don‘t trust him, however at the exact same time, when he forgets to text us that he’s arrived at a friend’s home, the urge to go and find him is strong.

Luckily, technology has made it so that you can track your teen chauffeur as little or as much as you feel you need.


By and large, this app is the one my pals most recommended when I was asking around about tracking apps for new drivers. Not just does it have real-time tracking, Life360 can provide you a location history for your kid’s whereabouts. They can utilize the app to get help in an emergency situation, as well, and you can likewise look at their driving history to assist improve driving abilities.

It likewise suggests it leads to circumstances where he comes home unannounced and terrifies his mother half out of her mind. Long story brief: he practically fulfilled the company end of my flat iron when he stealthily climbed the stairs and shouted, “Surprise! I’m house!” one random Tuesday morning.

Suffice it to state, my other half and I have actually talked about setting up tracking apps on our phones so that we will always know he’s shown up securely to his location. (And so he can’t frighten me again.)

Suffice it to say, my other half and I have actually talked about setting up tracking apps on our phones so that we will constantly know he’s gotten here securely to his location. By and large, this app is the one my friends most suggested when I was asking around about tracking apps for brand-new motorists. This app requires that both parties share their place for the app to work, and it’s a fast swipe of a button for your teen to turn place services off., this app assisted us keep track of hours, road conditions and types of driving in one location. And while yes, tracking apps are handy for locating your child in a pinch, he states the best thing you can do to keep them safe is make sure they get plenty of guideline and practice behind the wheel.

Two months earlier, my teenage son passed his driver’s test with flying colors. The initial terror of watching him drive away has actually passed and our kid is showing to be a competent motorist, we are still working out the kinks.

Our kid has the flexibility to leave campus a few times a week due to the fact that trainees in his high school are allowed to leave school if they have actually earned high scholastic standing. This implies he can find out time management skills and get self-reliance before college (and hang out with his buddies at a local coffeehouse).

Find My Friends is offered only on iOs. GPS phone-tracking apps GPS apps to select from that are free for both Android and iOs gadgets. Teen Driving Log While this isn’t a tracking app, per se, it’s

a beneficial app for your teenager to download when they’re accruing hours behind the wheel prior to taking their driving test. Since our state requires that teenage motorists get in a particular variety of hours of practice prior to the test, this app helped us monitor hours, road conditions and kinds of driving in one place. The parenting Facebook group.