The Best Moments From Last Nights Democratic Debate

And in perhaps the most unforgettable moment of the night, Warren made it clear she did have aid. “I am deeply grateful to President Obama,” she reacted, “who fought so tough to ensure that firm was passed into law. And I am deeply grateful to every single individual who fought for it and who assisted pass it into law.”

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Sanders (while CNN moderator Erin Burnett disrupted him to discuss candidates’ health): “I’m healthy. I’m feeling great.”

Tuesday night’s Democratic dispute marked several firsts; it was the single biggest variety of prospects on stage in any primary argument and the first to dedicate time to conversation of ladies’s reproductive rights. It was likewise the first argument in which nearly every candidate rectified with Elizabeth Warren, the apparent consumer agency she assisted create after the 2008 financial crisis and how “she got something done.”

Biden disrupted. “I concurred with the terrific job she did and I went on the flooring and got you votes. I got elect that bill. I persuaded people to choose it. Let’s get those things straight, too.”

When asked whether it would imply raising taxes for the middle class, Warren wasn’t clear in her response. She argued that costs for the middle class will go down, without addressing the question of taxes. Both Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar confronted Warren over her response. Toward the end of the three-hour dispute, it was clear that all attention was focused on our three top-polling candidates: Biden, Warren, and Sanders. And in possibly the most unforgettable moment of the night, Warren made it clear she did have help.

Andrew Yang (while discussing the requirement for tech companies to be broken up): “There are definitely excesses in technology and in many cases having them divest parts of their business is the ideal move … There’s a reason no one utilizes Bing today.”